Sponsored prize pool

Consider sponsoring one of the 150 record skydives as a private sponsor for only $50 and become part of skydiving history. Everyone who sponsors a skydive will get a ticket in a draw to win one of the supercool donated products listed below...

You can do it right here on this web site. You can see who won what, right HERE.


2 Cypres Maintenance vouchers

5 Go Girls

Web site hosting and technical support

We just like what these guys do, and want to help them out!

Aircraft and support personnel

2 Galaxy Glow Altimeters

$250 Skydive credit voucher

(valid for use at Maitland, NSW)

G3 Helmet valued at $410

2 x $200 Rigging Vouchers

2 x 20% off an Infinity Container

2 x 30% off a Vector Container

$370 Skydive credit voucher

(valid for use at Nagambie, VIC)

Team Ookoonono and Record Website Sponsors

Team Ookoonono jumpsuits

Team Ookoonono parachutes

Web site maintenance

Free Tandem Skydive

(valid for use at Elderslie, NSW)

$360 Skydive credit voucher

(valid for use at Picton, NSW or Innisfail, QLD)

35% off a main canopy

1 free canopy line set

Icarus Tshirts

$400 Skydive credit voucher

(valid for use at Langhorne Creek, SA)

1 Reserve Repack

Kev Walters

c/- Skydive Academy

Pinjarra, WA

Free Midweek Tandem Beach Skydive

(valid for use at Wollongong, NSW)

$400 Skydive credit voucher

(valid for use at Bridgewater, VIC or Torquay, VIC)

SmokePro Bracket, available through gravitycalls

2 Neptune Wristies

2 copies of “Confessions of an Idiot” by Chris ‘Douggs’ McDougall

Free Tandem Skydive

(valid for use at Toogoolawah, QLD)

Free 90 min Sydney Harbour and Beaches Scenic Flight for 3 valued at $500

*combined weight of 3 passengers not exceeding 200kg

1 Gear baghttp://www.parachutesaustralia.com/s2/acc_gr_bgs.php

Free trial instruction flight in a Foxbat aircraft valued at $115

4 x $50 Meal Vouchers

$395 Skydive credit voucher

Redeemable for a tandem, static line first jump course, or towards an AFF first jump course (Valid for use at Tooradin VIC)

GoPro HERO2 (RRP $399)

2 pairs goggles (RRP $60)

Jucy Grande Camper

5 Days Free Hire

(Valid in Australia and New Zealand)

Donating fuel for the record attempt

1 Reserve Repack

Andy Hardy

c/- Skydive Express

York DZ, WA

Tandem Skydive voucher with camera

(Valid for use at Goulburn DZ)

Trial Introductory Flight with Goulburn Flight School