Michael Vaughan


Michael has spent his skydiving career broadening his horizons traveling the world and letting skydiving take him places he may not have otherwise gone.

Before forming team Ookoonono with Jules, Michael had been busy training/competing/coaching Formation Skydiving and Canopy Piloting representing Australia in both FS and CP at World Championships level.

In September 2008 Ookoonono attended their first CF World Championships finishing 7th, setting a new Australian Record of 13 formations within working time and qualifying for the 2009 World Games in Taiwan. 

In August 2010 Ookoonono attended the World Championships in Russia, breaking the Australian 2Way CF record 3 times during competition with scores of 18, 19, and 22 points, where the current record still stands.

Michael is an Australian, New England and World Record holder in Canopy Formations. He is also a World Record holder in Formation skydiving, having been on the 400 person formation in Thailand in 2006. He has coached canopy flight and CRW courses in most states of Australia.

Michael’s high profile in skydiving in Australia and world wide, along with the interest team Ookoonono is generating in CRW, means that he always has more interested people than available positions in the canopy control courses he runs on drop zones all around the country. He also runs canopy control courses at drop zones outside of Australia for skydivers of all levels.

On a quest for improved performance, for themselves and others, team Ookoonono share information of all the events they organise or participate in via pictures and articles in the Australian Skydiving Magazine, uploading daily blogs from competitions and events, and advertising upcoming events on local online forums and Australian Skydiving email groups.

Michael is a very active and highly respected skydiving coach, tutor, and mentor in almost every discipline of skydiving. It would be very hard to find any skydiver in Australia, or any top level competitor in the canopy flying disciplines in the world, who does not know Michael and have a huge respect for his knowledge and ability, and the way that he imparts this without hesitation to others.


Name: Michael Vaughan

Age: 41

Years in Skydiving: 15

Number of skydives: 9000+

Occupation: Fulltime Athlete

Home DropZone: Sydney Skydivers, Picton

Parachuting Qualifications: Licensed packer of reserve parachutes, Level 2 Accredited Coach, APF Instructor D, APF F license

Skydiving Highlights:

400 Way Formation Skydiving World Record

100 Way Canopy Formation World Record

36 Way Canopy Formation New England Record

36 Way Canopy Formation Australian Record

Australian 2 Way Canopy Formation Sequential Record 22 Formations

Australian 8 Way Formation Skydiving Team 2004,6

Australian Canopy Piloting Team 2004,5,6,7,8,9,10

Australian 2Way Canopy Formation Team 2007,8,9,10

Passions in Skydiving

Competing in and coaching Canopy Piloting, Canopy Formation and Formation Skydiving

Other Interests

Rock climbing, Bushwalking, Ground Launching, Hanging out with his 11yo godson and his sister

About Michael