Jules McConnel


Jules has spent her skydiving career broadening her horizons traveling the world and letting skydiving take her places she may not have otherwise gone.

Before forming team Ookoonono with Michael, Jules had seen a lot of CRW from behind, being a camera flyer on many big ways and docking last using her elliptical sports canopy on lots of completed 16 way and 25 formations.

In September 2008 Ookoonono attended their first CF World Championships finishing 7th, setting a new Australian Record of 13 formations within working time and qualifying for the 2009 World Games in Taiwan.  At the World Championships Jules was the only female performer in the top 10 in 2 way sequential (a USA 2 Way CF Team had a female camera flyer).

In August 2010, Ookoonono attended the World Championships in Russia, breaking the Australian 2Way CF record 3 times during competition with scores of 18, 19, and 22 points, where the current record still stands. She again was the only female competitor in this discipline at the World Championships.

Jules has coached canopy flight and CRW courses in most states of Australia, and both her and Michael are often asked to load organise/coach at boogies or organise canopy coaching camps.

“We’re just sharing our own excitement for skydiving with others”.

Jules has travelled to many skydiving meets all around Australia to coach and organise skydivers to achieve more than they had previously imagined they could. In her full time job as Chief Instructor at Skydive Oz, she is responsible for the tuition, instruction, safety, and mentoring of all the skydivers on her Drop Zone. She is highly respected in skydiving, not only in Australia but world wide.

Jules is our records attempts media representative, and is well versed in creating media attention and generating publicity for skydiving events. This is evident from the selection of media that is detailed on the Media page on this site - this is just a small selection of the media interest that team Ookoonono has generated over the past 2 years in an effort to promote interest in skydiving Australia wide. She is currently the Media Liason person for the NSW State Council of the Australian Parachute Federation.


Name: Jules McConnel

Age: 34

Years in Skydiving: 15

Number of skydives: 6000+

Occupation: Chief Instructor, Skydive Oz, Moruya

Home DropZone: Skydive Oz, Moruya

Parachuting Qualifications: Licensed packer of reserve parachutes, Level 2 Accredited Coach, APF Instructor A, APF F license, APF Tandem Master, APF AFF instructor

Skydiving Highlights:

Every single skydive, particularly though, surviving C2 spinal fracture from landing jump #442 - learning from my mistakes and now sharing the right knowledge to upcoming skydivers especially in that “indestructible” stage.

100 Way Canopy Formation World Record

36 Way Canopy Formation New England Record

36 Way Canopy Formation Australian Record

Australian 2 Way Canopy Formation Sequential Record 22 Formations

Organising and Piloting All Female Australian Canopy Formation Rrecord

Australian 2Way Canopy Formation Team 2007,8,9,10

Passions in Skydiving

Enlightening all levels of skydivers to the beauty, freedom and exhilaration of canopy flight – taking an experienced skydiver for a one on one Canopy Formation or Canopy Piloting skydive blows them away almost as much as their first skydive – it’s a great feeling to share!

Also meeting amazing people in the sport, sharing experiences and knowledge through international competitions and events.

Other Interests

Juggling, unicycling, aerial silks, rock climbing, hanging out with her man and her dog!

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